- 1 Million Streams

- Spotify's New Music Friday UK, Denmark, and Iceland Playlisting

- 30,000+ Social Medial Following


Aidan Black is as DIY as they come; from writing, to production, to artwork he handles everything himself even going so far as releasing his own music he optimises the modern DIY music industry crafting catchy pop hooks into beat laden tracks that draw from a wide range of influences. Living in Brighton where musicians rarely stick to one genre, and with idols ranging from Billie Holiday to Porter Robinson Aidan shifts from EDM to Trap while maintaining a fresh pop sound. His most recent track "Take It Back" featured number 6 on Spotify's New Music Friday UK and hit a number of other playlists like The Pop List and Pop Right Now.


- Single DI and Mic

- Sample station and laptop

- 20 to 40 minute sets

- Tech Rider Available on Request